• A Brief Look At The Best Kids Party Places in Miami

    A Brief Look at Our Four Party Venues

    When it comes to indoor birthday parties near Miami , My Clubhouse, Ball Mania, Funtasmic , and Bounce Play World have everything you need to do it right. Keep reading to learn more about these four venues and why they make the perfect location for your next party:

    My Clubhouse has a rock-climbing wall, multiple playgrounds, a pool table and a Plasma TV, all set in a private clubhouse that creates a fun environment for kids all ages.

    Ball Mania has cannon blasters, ball vacuums, a ball volcano, slides, levitation air tables, and giant basketballs to provide hours of fun for kids and their parents.

    Funtasmic is set up with obstacle courses, playgrounds, and video game stations surrounded by beautiful wall murals which provide the perfect backdrop for any child’s birthday party.

    Bounce Play World has a massive bounce playground, slides, a pool table, air hockey, and a rock-climbing wall. No matter what your child likes to do, one of our four venues has what you need to plan a truly memorable party.

    Each location has a unique feel and activities for every person at the party from babies and toddlers to parents and seniors.

  • Planning Your Child’s Birthday Party

    Planning your Child’s Birthday Party

    If you’re planning a children’s party near Miami , you don’t have to stress out about planning something costly or elaborate. Deciding on a fun birthday idea, party theme, and kids games can be easy, simple, and may end up being just as much fun for you as it will be to attend the party. Keep reading for some more tips on planning your child’s birthday party.

    Hold the Party at a Kids’ Party Place

    Party places offer kids’ party packages that will save you time, money, and stress. They often provide party planners that guide you through the planning process easily and quickly. If you hold an indoor birthday party at an indoor park or playground that specializes in children’s parties, you won’t have to worry about cleaning up your house after the party, or competing with the weather on the big day. Kids’ party places also have a wide range of fun games and party activities that will appear to guests of all ages, such as bounce houses, playgrounds, ball pits, and arcades.

    Pick Out a Fun Party Theme

    A party theme is the glue that holds the entire children’s party together. Once you choose your party theme, it will be easy to pick out matching party supplies, such as invitations, decorations, party favors, food, and kids’ games. You can plan fun games centered around the party theme, and even design a menu that incorporates elements of the theme. Have a local bakery decorate a cake that adheres to the theme, and buy plates, cups, and napkins that match. Many kids’ party places also offer kids’ party packages that may include party supplies that cater to many different party themes.

    Take Pictures for the Guests

    One of the best ways to ensure that everyone has a memorable time at your children’s party is to take a lot of pictures of your guests. Use a Polaroid camera, and give the guests a souvenir picture to take home with them. If you use a digital camera, you can email the pictures to the guests’ parents after the party.

  • The Benefits of Physical Activity for Kids

    The Benefits of Physical Activity for Kids

    Regular physical activity will be extremely beneficial for your child’s health. Exercise can decrease your child’s risk of obesity and health problems later in life. The earlier your child recognizes the value of physical activity, the more likely he is to continue being active as he grows older. To help keep your child active, you might take him for regular visits to a playground, bounce house, or other children’s play place near Miami .

    Watch this video to learn more about the benefits of physical activity for kids. In the clip, Susan Cooper, the Tennessee Department of Health Commissioner, discusses how regular exercise can ward of obesity and other dangerous health issues.

  • Child Birthday Party Planning

    How to Plan Your Child’s Birthday Party

    If you’re looking for unique birthday party ideas near Miami , consider having your next kids’ party at a fun indoor park and playground. A kids’ party place can offer fun games, food, and party supplies like decorations and party invitations. A staff of party planning experts at a children’s party place will help you plan an engaging party for kids of all ages with no stress for you, and a lot of fun for you and your guests.

    Watch this video for helpful tips on planning your kid’s birthday party. A party planner from a kids’ party planning company discusses how to coordinate fun games and party themes that will make your next birthday party a success.


  • Food Ideas for your Child’s Birthday

    Great Food Ideas for a Child’s Party

    When you are trying to find the right food for a children’s party near Miami , you should think about food that looks beautiful and is easy to eat so the kids can grab a snack in between their playtime. You can dress up some healthy food with beautiful presentation to get kids excited about eating these snacks.

    Whether you want to serve a watermelon shark or make a tiny family out of hotdog sandwiches, try to make your food look as good as it tastes. Check out this video for some food inspiration that will help you plan the food for your child’s next party.

    When you have the right food and the right venue, it is easy to put together a memorable party. Start planning early so all the details come together perfectly.


  • How to Make Your Child’s Birthday Party Stress Free

    How to Make Your Child’s Next Birthday Party Stress-Free

    When you are looking for birthday ideas near Miami , you should seek out venues and party favors that are easy to put together to minimize your stress levels. Keep reading to find out how you can plan your child’s next birthday party with as little hassle as possible:

    Choose a venue that plans for you

    When you choose the right party venue, you do not have to work as hard to plan the party. Look for a local venue that has different party packages that can make your life easier. Some venues will even provide a host, food, and decorations to minimize your workload even more. Working with the right venue makes it much easier to plan all of the details to create a really great birthday celebration.

    Do not invite everyone because you feel like you should

    It is okay to invite only a few close friends to your child’s birthday party. It is also okay to invite the whole class. The important thing to remember is that you should only invite as many guests as you can handle. If you are throwing the party at a venue where the staff takes care of most of the hard work, you can invite the whole class. If you are opting for a smaller celebration, though, you might want to limit your guest list.

    Be clear in your invitations

    It is important to be very clear in your invitations so parents know what to expect from the party. If you want the parents to stick around, you should mention it in the invite. If you feel comfortable taking care of all of the kids on your own, make a note that the parents can drop off their kids and put a time when they should pick them up. List all of the relevant details like the time, date, and location of the party. Send out the invitations a couple of weeks in advance so the parents have time to plan for their child to attend.

  • Birthday Party Themes

    Birthday Party Themes for Children

    If you’re planning an indoor birthday party near Miami for your child, a fun party theme will make the event memorable for everyone. An interactive theme that extends to the party place decorations, kids’ games, and party supplies will make your party planning so much easier. If you’re holding the party at an indoor playground or kids’ party place , their kids’ party packages may include party supplies and decorations that match your party theme. Here are some fun birthday party themes for children that may inspire you.

    Pizza Party Theme

    All kids love pizza, so why not make pizza your overall party theme? Many kids’ party packages at party places include pizza, you can even consider having a make your own pizza station. Fun games that fit with this party theme include pin the pepperoni on the pizza, a meatball race instead of an egg race or a hot tomato, a variation on the popular hot potato game.

    Opposites Party Theme

    An opposites day party theme allows children to indulge in their most contrary and oppositional behaviors. In the party invitations, encourage guests to wear their clothes backwards. Instead of hanging balloons and streamers from the ceiling, tape them to the floor. If the party is at a kids’ party place, ask them if it’s okay if the kids eat underneath the tables. When you serve the party food, serve dessert first, or serve breakfast for dinner.

    Treasure Hunt Party Theme

    When hosting a treasure hunt party, kids can come dressed as pirates, sailors, and treasure seekers of all types. If you hold the party at a kids’ party place that has a ball pit, design a simple treasure hunt in which you hide fun objects, like plastic gold pieces, in the ball pit for the guests to find. Your party supplies, party food, and decorations can have a pirate or maritime theme.

    Below is a list of different party themes that are popular and easy to implement.

    Kids party themes list